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Futures Trading Commission Rate – Trade as low as $0.25 per side*

*For more information about futures trading commission see bottom of this page

*For clarification, email us at

* Please Note: Additional routing & execution fees apply depending on the data technology and trading platform selected.









*$0.25 per side does not include exchange fees, NFA fees and software fees where applicable. If you trade over 10,000 contracts per month and your account balance is over $50,000 you can qualify for this rate, perhaps even lower depending on volume. This rate does NOT apply to users of our free GAIN Trader trading platform.

Fibonacci ABCD Pattern
Baseline OHLC ( Open High , Low Close ) OHLC bar trading charts
Japanese Candlesticks Harami  Chart Patterns
Forecasting Market Direction of Futures
Geometry ABCD future charts pattern
Indicators Trend Cycle
Regimen Futures Trading Routines
Signal Setup Futures Stock Options
Time Frames Chart Futures

OHLC bar trading charts
Harami  Chart Patterns
Market Direction of Futures
future charts pattern
Trend Cycle
Futures Trading Routines
Futures Stock Options
Chart Futures

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