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Candle Stick Chart

SwissFT is founded on the principle that every client should receive the highest level of personalized service, advanced technology, responsive risk management, and quality trading platforms. Futures Traders have access to advanced trading platforms powered by 


  • CQG

  • CTS, Rithmic

  • TT Trading Technologies

  • Meta Trader 4 & 5


My RightHandTrade™ stems from the appearance of a fractal high from a 15-minute candle.  This is the highest candle in neighboring of candles in an uptrend. When the toping tail gets higher to the upside than the body of the candle, this is a setup signal to initiate a short sell.  The trader needs to attempt to get short within the top 25% of total candle height. Place a stop at one tick higher than the fractal high candle height. Expect selling to occur during remainder of candle and more selling in the following lower high candle.  When further selling occurs in the following candle, the trader may consider the action successful! expect a 20 to 30 tick move to the downside before retrace. 

We do not discriminate clients by their trading activities, account size, or trading experience, and believe that every client should receive the highest quality customer service and brokerage benefits worldwide.

We believe that world class trading service is the standard – it’s our standard at least, and that’s why it’s included in every account at no extra cost. We find more value in retaining client than in charging a fee, and because of our dedication to exceptional trading service, built on top of a strong and reliable infrastructure, we believe that the bar has been raised for the online futures trading industry.



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Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 4.02.26 PM


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My RightHandTrade™

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